For this round of musical archaeology on Honey White’s MySpace page, you can listen to our Wildcat Lounge show from April 30, 2003. This was the first time any band I’d been in got to play a downtown Santa Barbara venue, so while a little tense at times it’s still an energetic set of songs. It was a memorable occasion for many reasons large and small: juiced by a great opening band called the Invisible 3, we rocked harder than ever on “Unprofessional”, “Shivering Sand” and “So Cold” (I was standing next to a 600-watt additional bass amp that probably gloriously and permanently damaged my eardrums), enjoyed the attention of the Honey White groupies (pictured), and played the epic “Sweet Oblivion” for the first time.

The recording itself is a combination of my Roland digital 8-track and the live feed from the soundboard, so it’s not really in stereo and not really in mono. Sub-stereo, I guess, would be the word for it. Anyway, the guitars are mixed in crazy loud, so Bryn and Brian outdo themselves, and Billy once again proves he is the reason “Lightning Rod” can close a show with earth-shaking power. I know a good many of you were there, cause it was a big deal for us, and it helped us get asked back again in ’04, so thanks again.

As for the Mojo Wire’s MySpace page, I put up the sophomore Mojo album, Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor (originally released April 8, 1998). Rocket Fuel, in a nutshell, was a little rushed and undercooked. It was long on atmospheric feel and short on actual finished songs. What was finished was good, but that wasn’t enough to carry a whole album, which none of us really realized at the time. We were still basically amateurs as far as recording skill and general “how to be in a band” knowledge, and unfortunately this disc suffered a bit for that. Read more about this album here. Anyway, I added a few extra tracks, just like with the last album: two covers and two originals. The covers, “Margaritaville” and “Wonderful Tonight”, always received a grittier Mojo Wire treatment at live shows, but they didn’t translate well when we recorded them, so these two takes ended up having a short life on the initial pressings of Rocket Fuel before they were dropped. “This Is The Chorus” is another dirty/silly song that Adam and Bryn came up with while I was stuck watching “The English Patient” with three girls, and “Monsoon” is just me doing another of my many echo-bass freakouts (which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “song”). That’s it for now- next time I’ll offer up lots of other random stuff we did in the ’96-’98 period worth airing in a bonanza of rarities.

Also on display for Honey White is a video clip from our 2nd Wildcat appearance in 2004, playing “Sweet Oblivion”. If you’ve missed any of these archive-trawling posts, and want to see them all, I’ll soon have an archive posted somewhere easy to find on Oh, and as you might have noticed, we now have a Snocap account that lets you buy mp3 from both our studio CDs right there on the MySpace page. Tell all your friends and spread the Honey White-itude far and wide. Thanks again for listening, everybody.


Audio: Honey White at the Wildcat 4/30/03

Audio: The Mojo Wire: Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor + Bonus Tracks (1998)