Last week I promised a rush of old-school Mojo Wire audio, and I figured that was fair warning for everyone to flee who’d want to. So, without further ado- go to the Mojo Wire’s MySpace page for an extended version (like Rykodisc used to do for old Costello and Bowie albums) of the first Mojo Wire album: Battery Acid Blues. It will turn 10 years old at the end of this year (Dec. 15 to be precise) and I thought it would be a good place to start when rolling out non-live Mojo Wire recordings.

I’ve written much more (in my own egomaniacal way) about this album in an essay on the Mojo Wire homepage, but I should probably add some info about the extra tracks. “12:15” is an alternate, and probably better, take of the album-opening track (it ended up on the Mojo best-of “Low Fidelity Favorites” CD). “Between Takes” is more evidence that Adam can improv on the mic better than he thinks. “El Nido Thunder” and “Sammy’s Spitcan” were on the first few pressings of the “Battery Acid” album, but removed on subsequent versions (“Thunder” wasn’t as powerful as it could be, and “Spitcan” later became “Fatal Flaws”). “March of the Idiots” is probably one of the greatest Mojo Wire recordings ever, and “Driftin” is Adam’s solo take of the dusty blues classic.

Next week we’ll jump into the churning soup that is the 2nd Mojo disc, “Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor.” For a preview, check this essay.


Audio: The Mojo Wire: Battery Acid Blues (1997)