Unfortunately, during our short career Honey White hasn’t been able to release any singles. Of course, nobody releases singles anymore, except maybe as downloads. CD singles have long since past their prime for promotional uses, in the U.S. at least, but when I was a music-buying teenager I loved CD singles. So much so, in fact, that since I’ve been involved in bands I’d always had fun with the idea of which of our songs from which albums would be singles, and what their B-sides would be.

Well, Honey White’s 2004 recording sessions for our “How Far Is The Fall” album presented me with just such an opportunity. We had no budget for single releases, but I made CD covers anyway for some songs from that album, and the collection I made back then is this week’s group of audio samples on Honey White’s MySpace page. In order by “release”, they are:

Let Go
01 Let Go (edit)
02 Dead Man
03 Pisces Lullabye (demo)

Sweet Oblivion
04 Sweet Oblivion (edit)
05 Keep Moving (edit)
06 Distorchestra

Bottlerocket/Mercy Rule (double A side)
07 Bottlerocket (different mix)
08 Mercy Rule (edit)

Island Fever

09 Island Fever (album version)
10 Island Fever (live 8/7/05)
11 Let Go (live 8/7/05)

Most of the “edits” were done by me when I brought home the rough mixes from the studio. Jon the engineer explicitly forbade me from doing it, and I’m not sure that Brian, Bryn, or Bill were too keen on them either, but I wanted to see how our songs might be mutilated if we ever cared about getting them on the radio. Since we didn’t, well…

As for the other B-sides, “Dead Man” is the ass-kicking studio take that didn’t end up on the album, but actually did see promo release on our website and on our “2005 Demo” gig CD. “Distorchestra” is the initial studio jam that eventually became “Blacking Out”- here, it’s just Bryn and Brian having fun with their effects pedals. “Pisces” is the 2nd of 2 takes we did of this old Mojo Wire song (and Honey White live staple during 2003) in the studio during that time as well, with a quickie (read: poor) vocal take from me when we got back home. It never went anywhere, maybe because this version wasn’t actually mellow enough to be a lullaby. The live takes of “Island Fever” and “Let Go” are from our Aug ’05 show at Red’s, which I’d previously posted a few weeks ago, but I think it’s worth a 2nd listen to see how goddam fast we’d sped those songs up when playing live.

There are 2 video entries this week, to make up for the fact that they’re sort of boring in a “what-if” kind of way. When we played a show in Ventura 2 years ago we almost had the opportunity to use video backdrops, so I hastily compiled these two “wallpaper” videos for “Blacking Out” and “Island Fever”. View them here. Try to picture them on fifty-foot video screens behind us when we play a stadium-sized show.

Oh, what the hell- I’ll make up for that with a clip of us playing “Wayfaring Stranger” to close out our 2nd Wildcat Lounge appearance in April ’04.

No Mojo Wire stuff this week, but once I get back from my business trip I’ll unearth a veritable infestation of Mojo mp3 for all you old-schoolers. As always, thanks for listening, gang.

Audio: How Far Is The Fall- Singles (2005)

Video: Wayfaring Stranger (live 4/26/04)