We interrupt this recent Retro-Mojo behavior to focus on some previously unheard gems from the recent past. You see, it’s been about three and a half years now since Honey White guitarist & abstract sonic genius Brian Wolff moved way over yonder to Our Nation’s Capital, where he remains a busy little bee.

Before he took the PhD Plunge, however, he saw fit to not only record oodles of awesome stuff with Bryn, Bill and I in Honey White, but also periodically unleash some uniquely weird and beautiful music of his own.

I can give a little background for each, but I won’t spoil it with too much over-analysis (I’ve already done that too much to my own songs), so you can play the tunes below and perhaps the Wolff-man himself can elaborate on each song in the comments:

E-Waltz: I recorded Brian and Bryn jamming one afternoon in summer 2003. This was the result. Slightly loopy, and for me a fun way to kick this off.

Dropped-D: This one is one of my favorites of Brian’s solo songs. I’ve been trying to put lyrics on it for about 5 years, and I’m this close. All it needs is a vocal take and presto: new instant classic.

Evil Guitar: Name says it all, really. It’s a guitar. That’s evil.

The Fear and Asleep With the Sunrise are, if I recall correctly, from when Brian was living in San Francisco. “Sunrise” is very Eno to my ears. I also sampled “The Fear” for the song “Backwards Fear” on the “Weapon of Young Gods” CD in 2008.

Happy: Honey White’s taken a few stabs at this one, I think. Billy’s also added some drums, too—but this is the original take Brian sent me in 2005, notable for Brian’s first lead vocals. Am I remembering that right?

Drunk Walk/Arpeggiator, Backwards Sample, and Acoustic Groove: A second wave of Brian’s S.F. demos, from I think 2007 (built with help from Billy’s 2005 drum samples), that I know a bit less about—but that doesn’t make them any less creepy. Or less cool.

Bubble: Newest of the bunch here and, for me, this one’s the best, edging out “Dropped D” because 1) it’s complete, and 2) Brian sings a perfect vocal take of a great lyric. Nice job, man. I can’t wait to play this.

Like I said, these tunes remind me a little of music by another brilliant Brian—Brian Eno. And you know what? Brian Eno’s name is an anagram for One Brain. Now that’s a kickass fact you’ll never learn in school, kiddies.

Yeah, unless you end up in one of Dr. Brian S Wolff’s lectures on the various vagaries of the three-pound electroshock-batteries we call cerebrums. That’s when you stand back and watch how the big boys do it.