Yes, the archive-trawls are back, but I’ll keep ’em on the short side, commentary-wise, so there can be less talk and more rock. I have at least 3 new ones to post, so if I can keep from rambling about this stuff, maybe we can take care of all of them this week. So here we go: selected covers by the Mojo Wire and Honey White, 1997-2007. Play the audio below, and scroll a bit further for some oh so lucid commentary.


Driftin and Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out: Adam and Bryn swiped a few Unplugged– and From the Cradle-era Clapton arrangements of old blues standards. The former is a solo Adam piece, and the latter appeared as track 3 on the first Mojo Wire album.

Margaritaville and Wonderful Tonight: More Adam-influence on the selection of covers. We actually did a few more Clapton & Buffett songs sometimes—”Layla” and “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw”, for example—but these two ended up on the second Mojo Wire album. Even so, the take of “Wonderful Tonight” hasn’t aged too well, and “Margaritaville” was a bit messy too (here in its glorious, live surf-punk version from 4/7/01).

Wipeout and Pipeline: Thanks to Bryn and Kevin, the Mojo Wire had a whole arsenal of surf instrumental covers, including “Miserlou” as well, but that never got recorded like these two. “Wipeout” is from the third Mojo Wire album, and “Pipeline” is from the same era (though it eventually ended up on Bryn’s solo album too).

The Night Before was a suggestion of Joe’s, and the Mojo Wire covered the classic Beatles tune at several shows in 2001 (this take is also form 4/7/01). We never successfully finished a single performance, though—for some reason this song always fell apart halfway through.


Wayfaring Stranger and Dead Man: Honey White presented a whole new angle on covers, and we got some truly fantastic results in that band as well. Bryn had been playing the Johnny Cash arrangement of “Wayfaring Stranger” for about a year before Billy and Brian helped us record it for the first Honey White E.P. in 2002. “Dead Man” is a Neil Young instrumental from the Johnny Depp movie of the same name, here recorded (but not included on) Honey White’s How Far is the Fall album in 2004. Brian’s performance is truly awesome.

Lover, You Should’ve Come Over and Been Around the World: We were practicing the former, a Jeff Buckley song, at Earl’s studio when Johanna Reed showed up and loved it so much that we kept it in the live set for the rest of the year (this take is from the 10/31/02 show). The latter is one of my, and Bryn’s, favorite Cracker songs (here from the 1/30/03 show).

Karma Police and This Lullaby: Bryn has many Radiohead covers at his command, and “Karma Police” is a solo performance from 5/22/04. “This Lullaby” is a full Honey White pass at the Queens of the Stone Age song. It was from our last rehearsal on 5/27/07.

Okay, more goodies when I have the time. The vast majority of them will be decidedly weird, so hang on to your panties and stay tuned.