This week I’m putting the archive show spotlight on Honey White’s longest-ever gig, our 2 hour run at UCSB’s University Center Hub on January 30, 2003. At 22 songs, it’s a pretty comprehensive set of HW originals, older Mojo Wire tunes, a slew of covers (Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Radiohead, Johnny Cash), and some tunes that were (at the time) so new they had no words or titles. This show’s Fun Fact was that it was webcast by the Ucen crew. Wait- that’s not really a fun fact- how about this: three of the band wearing black shirts while we were being filmed against a black background. Oh the humanity. Thankfully Brian held up the flashy standards expected of the lead guitarist. Relatively speaking. Anyway, it’s all available streaming in high-quality mp3 (which is nevertheless a bit buzzy) on Honey White’s MySpace page. Also up there is a video clip of us from a little later that year on local Santa Barbara TV, playing Honey White’s jittery version of the Mojo Wire song “Fatal Flaws”, with yours truly on the mic. I think I proved once and for all why Bryn should be the full-time lead vocalist.

The Mojo Wire page is showcasing one of my favorite recordings we ever did- a slapdash Isla Vista backyard kegger gig in April 2001. I think we had, like, 12 or so people there (you know who you all are), and it was unseasonably cold. This public rehearsal was actually practice for our show at Giovanni’s a few days later, and we actually made it through about 2/3 of the set before any songs fell apart. Most notable about this show is Adam cursing Joe during “Margarita” for suggestively dancing with the future Mrs. Hill. Otherwise notable is Jason’s hilarious Scottish accent and Sean’s awful one heckling us unmercifully. The recording is in mono, and done with only 2 microphones, as I was apparently still in my Retarded Phil Spector phase.

Stay tuned for next episode’s foray into the horrors of Video Wallpaper. Oh, the huma… eh, never mind.


Audio: Honey White live at UCSB 1/30/03

Audio: The Mojo Wire live 4/7/01