The Audio Archives first had a Q&D edition quite a while ago, but I’ve been writing all weekend and watching baseball playoffs, so this is the best I have for this week’s post. I know I promised some studio demos from the “My Band Rocks” sessions that Honey White did back on July 13, 2002, but there’s not really much to them. They’re all-instrumental (Bryn would overdub vocals later) and may not seem that interesting on initial listens, but again, I’m a posterity guy, so as historical documents of our first “first time” in a studio setting, it’s an interesting collection of takes.

For me the real story here is Bill’s drums; he and engineer Mark Anthony spent a good hour or so setting up the kit and mics and stuff before the rest of us got there, and that really shows in all the stuff here, most notably the two takes of “Lightning Rod.”

We were originally gonna do three takes of three songs, but that only happened for “Unprofessional.” Surprisingly, only two takes were enough to dispatch “Lightning Rod,” but that was made up by an inexplicable five tries at “The Sandman,” and I can’t remember why it took that many. The day-long session was rounded out by our inability to finish a whole take of “You Let Me Fall” and two satisfactory tries at “Wayfaring Stranger.”

A little more about the session itself: the studio, Santa Barbara Recording, was actually Mark’s home studio, and he was nice enough to adjust his domestic fortress of solitude when Honey White invaded. Maybe he thought we’d be crazy rock kids, but we were already too old for that, so everything went pretty smooth. Since we were all pretty much engaging in an expensive hobby, however, overdubs, mixing, and mastering stretched further into the year, and the disc itself wasn’t released until November.

So nothing’s on tap for next time yet, but I’ll be able to dig up something. You all have no idea how much is in the Honey White vaults. Seriously.