As promised, the second round of How Far is the Fall studio takes from 2004 is upon us. Unlike last week, I don’t have extensive contemporaneous notes about the studio takes from either Brian or myself, and of the stuff I do have, it doesn’t seem to have our thoughts on several of the songs: the theremin-powered “Sean Goes To Africa,” two lackluster stabs at the old Mojo Wire song “Pisces Lullabye,” and two formless jams (one of which became “Island Fever,” and the other became “Hold Still”). But whatever.


Famous Last Words
Take 1: This take should work fine. So, nitpicking! overdub backing vox at beginning? Brian’s guitar hiccups at 1:28. overdub Bryn’s guitar? Bryn sings “but i get along here” instead of “cause I get along here” at 3:53. Otherwise his vocals are just fine. Stop repeat & fade ending at/around 6:30.

Take 1: Bryn: “what? Oh.” Great round the kit fill at 3:50. I know Brian wants to overdub guitar, but this is a really good take otherwise. Bryn’s vocals are perfect. Take 2: Brian’s guitar fails to come in at its usual :025. Maybe an overdub can fix that, or even cut & paste. Ending isn’t as good as the first time, but this is a good take overall too. I can’t decide.

Take 1: Drums come in a little sluggish. Brian and Keir both mess up notes at 1:58. Passable take though. Replace beginning drums w/2nd take beginning? Take 2: Drums in much better/tighter on this take. Brian hits a wrong note at 1:19. Drums are underplayed from 1:56 to 2:28. Maybe use the ones from 1st take.


Bass and drums don’t come in together
My guitar sounds cool at 1:50
Bryn’s slide/ebow stuff sounds really cool
Riff on my guitar sounds muddy

I hit a couple wrong notes during both takes (can probably be edited)
Bryn’s guitar has very little sustain on take 1
Drums sound better on take 2 (except 2nd verse maybe?)
My picking pattern is off on take 2
“Sounds cool backwards” — this is what I wrote down last night… if any of you have any idea what I meant, I’d love to know
Double-tracking Bryn’s guitar might sound cool

There will be a new Audio Archive next weekend too, focusing on the initial sessions for our 2002 My Band Rocks E.P.