I’m inaugurating a new way of going about this sort of thing (which will be retroactive, too): instead of simply listing the tracklisting and making it exclusive to MySpace, why not let everyone hear it? Well, duh. Here we go, then…

Honey White concert from the vaults: Giovanni’s ’04
So in light of the recent enforced hiatus that Honey White will have to endure, for this week’s concert from the vaults (yes, it’s baaaack) I thought I’d be optimistic and post our first concert of 2004, the last time that we came back after a significant hiatus (which had been the latter half of 2003). I think instead of commentary, I’ll just re-post what I said of the show at the time:

“Hang on- did I say the show would go from “9:30-11pm”? Ah- well, turns out that translates as “whenever the Lakers/Kings game is over” until “closing”. Brian said post-show that this was the weirdest gig we’ve ever played and I think I have to agree with him. Having the NBA as an opening act was only the beginning. “Mercy Rule” was a good, high-energy, LOUD thing to start the set with, and I think “Oblivion” went well too. We debuted 4 new songs tonight: “Sean Goes To Africa”, “Bottlerocket”, “Let Go”, and “Keep Moving”, and for the most part they went over great. Things were kind of claustrophobic and sometimes there were some nasty vibes, but surly basketball dudes were matched pound for pound by our legions of fans, and the place was quite packed. Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us. Conversely, a big middle finger goes to the drunk guy who kept yelling at us to play Zeppelin. Hey man, this note’s for you.”

Here’s the audio:

Mojo Wire Archive:The Mojo Wire material I’ve got this time is sort of Barrel-Scraping, Part 2. The rare stuff here is from the looooong stretch between the April ’99 release of “Seaside Hamlet Skids” and when the band fell apart at the end of 2001. Again, proceed with caution, or else with a patient sense of humor.


Random Bedrock Recordings, 1999
The last gasp of the Mojo Wire at the Bedrock was two rehearsals in June ’99, with one recorded as the Adam/Bryn/Keir trio, one recorded as the full lineup with Joe. “The Worst Way” comes from the trio, and “Joe’s 2nd” (I don’t think he ever gave it a name) came from the full lineup session (“Joe’s 1st” being the tune that ended up as “You’re On Your Own”). “Bleak” was Bryn’s first stab at the song which would become Honey White’s version of “So Cold”, but this version is notable as Joe’s first appearance on a Mojo Wire recording, with his guitar solo. “Jetski” is the abomination of me playing guitar and bass, and Bryn playing drums, and its boring G-C chord changes never went anywhere special. “Breathe” is a song of Adam’s that he recorded at the same time as “Blue Lantern Cove”, “Happy Birthday”, and “Anywhere But Here”, the first two of which ended up on the “You’re On Your Own” album.

Random Penthouse Recordings, 1999-2000
Bryn and I did lots of work at the Penthouse, where we all lived as next-door neighbors (Bryn and I in #24, Adam and Joe in #25) after leaving the Bedrock building. “Happy Birthday Part 2” is actually a tune from the last Bedrock gasp, but Adam’s, erm, “vocals” are from later that year on Bryn’s birthday, when we’d all moved to the Penthouse. “Water Into Wine”, “You’re On Your Own”, and “Heart On A Platter” are all demos of the songs that ended up on the final Mojo Wire album, but here it’s only Bryn and I playing on them. The versions here of “Shivering Sand”, “Margaritaville”, and “Margarita” are from the same early 2000 practice that the B side “Broken Nail Blues” comes from, played by the Adam/Bryn/Keir trio. The last two songs are Bryn’s first demos of “Sandman” and “You Let Me Fall” which saw belated release on the first Honey White disc, “My Band Rocks”.

Random “House of the Lord” Recordings, 2000-2001
I spent most of the summer of 2000 taking over Bryn’s room for recording demos, at the house where he lived on Sabado with Adam, Joe, Brian, Sean, and Owen. Sean named this place, for some unknown reason, “The House Of The Lord”, and it was known as such forever after. “The Peak Of My Career” is a demo of mine that was built off yet another instrumental track from back in June ’99 at the Bedrock (and was also used in a track called “Saturation” for the Low Tide side project). The live takes of “How Far Away” and “Hallelujah” are from the Mojo comeback gig of December 2000, and are thus appropriately messy. “Mercy Rule” and “Bleak” are from a late 2001 session at Earl’s Table Salt room with only Joe, Bryn and I. No idea how they would have ended up as Mojo Wire songs, but of course “Mercy Rule” went on to be a big Honey White song. The take here of “Sunset Down” was a solo take of mine, begun in 2001 when Bryn and I were plowing through a remake project, and I finished it a year later, right before Honey White began.

…and the audio:

So that’s it for the Mojo Wire barrel-scraping stuff. That’s all for now. Thanks again for listening…