One day about six-plus years ago, I threw down a lot of money for a Roland digital 8-track recorder. A few months after that, Bill, Brian, Bryn and I had our first rehearsal as Honey White, and since that time I’ve tried to record as many of our rehearsals and live shows as I possibly could. This dubious feat of masochism has cost me much blood, sweat, and sanity over the years (and that’s not even counting the craziness that was Learning DVD Software), and so I’ve decided the best way to commemorate it all is, yet again, foist it on our fans, specifically all of the band’s MySpace friends. No no, you’re welcome.

So the plan is this, ladies and germs: Every week on Honey White’s page, I will rotate in a different recording and video from the band’s spacious vault of surprises. Some of it will be old, some of it new, some of it readily available out there on the internets, and some of it presented for the first time. This week, for example, our August 2005 Santa Barbara show at Red’s is streaming in its entirety, and a video clip of our song “Mercy Rule”, live from April ’04 at the Wildcat in Santa Barbara. Since I’m me, I’ll also be adding various Fun Facts! you may or may not know about the band, too. For good measure, I’ve also thrown in one of those silly MySpace photo slide shows that’s all the rage with the kids these days.

“Oh sure, Keir,” you say, “that’s all awesome and stuff, but when the hell are you guys gonna [play a show/release a CD/whatever] again? It’s been like, forever, man.” Yes, it has, but to answer that question I say, as always: “We’ll rock your faces off when we’re good and ready, m’kay?” You’ll thank me when it happens. Really.

Oh, I almost forgot. Some of you who’ve been putting up with our noise since before Honey White (assuming you hadn’t run away screaming in pain and terror long since) know that Bryn and I have been musically degrading ourselves for a little over a decade now, and have been fortunate enough to have had a revolving cast of demented geniuses to help us out. In that spirit, you might want to go over to a page I made for The Mojo Wire, the turn-of-the-21st-century musical scourge of Isla Vista, and if you have the stomach for it, you will be able to soon enjoy a similar archive-trawl of Mojo tunes. Yes, the twisted ravings of Adam and Bryn, dynamic drumming of Brandon and Kevin, and maniacal freakiness of Joe and myself. All resolutely unprofessional and unashamedly amateur.

As always, thanks for listening, gang. You are all welcome to feed our egos and inflate our self-importance whenever you damn well please.



Video: Mercy Rule