Location: Wall of Sound. Songs rehearsed: Tempting Fate – Key West Tapwater – The New Normal – Lluvia de Jalisco – Maintaining Grace – Winner Take All – Stagnation Blues – Stranded – Becalmed – Pipeline – Windward Mark – Nero’s Inferno – Superconductor/Blunt Instruments – West Basin Water Wars

So…it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet posted recordings of our last rehearsal at Wall of Sound in Anaheim. Almost a month later. Personal fail. Anyway, here’s the best of some very rough takes, including passes at works-in-progress “Superconductor” and “Maintaining Grace,” as well as new instrumental “Llúvia de Jalisco” segued into “Nero”:


Oh, and Radblaster is now on Twitter @RadblasterBand. Enjoy.