Songs rehearsed: The New Normal – Blue Lantern Cove – Windward Mark – Long Black Leather Boots – One Last Hallelujah – Fatal Flaws – Tempting Fate – Bottlerocket – Stranded – Key West Tapwater – The Shivering Sand – Water Into Wine – Nightfall – Margarita

Speaking of Miraculous Resurrections…Since Easter Sunday is coming up, I figured reporting on another, much less religious but no less miraculous resurrection was in order. Yes, that blurry iPhone photo above does not lie: Adam, Kevin, Bryn and I got together to make music last weekend for the first time in about 10 years (or maybe more). That is indeed the original lineup of The Clap, from about 1996, and before we became The Mojo Wire. Apparently we only come out when Democrats are in the White House.

Anyway, it only took us about four songs to regain the old mojo, and we ended up playing for almost three hours in Adam’s living room (as he said, we were always much more of a living room band than a garage band). The P.A. speaker didn’t make the cut—its connection was D.O.A., so all vocals ended up piped through the second channel of Bryn’s guitar amp—but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. Naturally, there were lots of 12-bar blues and reverby surf instrumentals to play, and we blasted through a good cross-section of the Mojo Wire’s ’96-’01 songbook. Kev and Adam were even game for tackling a few Honey White songs.

To top it off we played three new songs: “The New Normal,” a bloozy stomper from Bryn, “Tempting Fate,” a chugging little thing I’d been developing for Honey White, and a new instrumental composition of Adam’s that turned out so well that I’m totally gonna write a great lyric for it. We ended up doing between one and three takes of each song.

2010 may be a big Year of Music for other reasons too: last month Bryn, Brian and I got an email from Bill containing only this image:

That’s Bill’s new electronic drum kit, folks. We’d been looking for ways to record Honey White in a virtual setting for a while, what with Brian being 3,500 miles away in Washington DC, we think this is the key. Honey White has about 10 new songs in various stages of completion, including some we’d been playing live in the 2005/06 shows, so a new recording in some form has always been a possibility.

Brian’s not just doing neurosciency-PhD stuff in DC, though—he himself has a gig there with another combo of guys in a few weeks. Details to come, in case you happen to be back east and in need of some rad riffage.