Set: The Shivering Sand – One Last Hallelujah – Water Into Wine – Fatal Flaws – I Fly Free – How Far Away

We went onstage fourth in line, after The Bang, Kirsten Candy, and a strangely dogmatic state Rep. Hanna-Beth Jackson. Outside daytime gigs are alwas great, and we powered through six songs before bequeathing the stage (and, temporarily, Joe’s amp) to Thais Albert (previously of the Titsofrenix). We decided to stick around for the later performances, notably the mighty Buttcheek Doofus, half of Gravity Willing, and a surprise appearance by Jenni Alpert. Bryn saved the day when Alfred from the Doofus was out a bass drum pedal. It was great to hear us through a powerful PA, despite the fact that the monitors were full of Joe’s guitar. Hey, when you’re only allowed on for twenty-five minutes, you use your time to play- you don’t whine at the sound guy. Besides, I like the sound of Joe’s guitar.