Set: The Worst Way – Key West Tapwater – Wishing Well Blues – Heart On A Platter – The Shivering Sand – One Last Hallelujah – Water Into Wine – I Fly Free – Run From Me – You’re On Your Own – Fatal Flaws – Margarita – Margaritaville – Long Black Leather Boots – Pisces Lullabye – How Far Away

Our biggest show in a long while was courtesy of the UCSB Environmental Affairs Board and Increase the Peace. I thought we might only be scaring a few hippies that night, but actually tons of people showed up for the regular Thursday night hoopla. The stage was tiny, but nothing smaller than anything we’d played on before. Some of the show was recorded, and our set was pretty comprehensive in terms of what we’ve been playing for the past 6 months. Brian really dug Leather Boots, and Margaritaville was a hit as well. We took a break after Fatal Flaws and Joe didn’t make it back from the can in time, so we did what we always do in that situation: play Margarita! Joe probably hated us yet again for doing that to him, but we liked playing that song.