Set: The Worst Way – The Shivering Sand – One Last Hallelujah – Fatal Flaws – Water Into Wine – Margarita – I Fly Free – Heart On A Platter – Wishing Well Blues – Margaritaville – The Night Before – How Far Away

For our 20th “show” (or more accurately: “public rehearsal”), we were reunited with Adam for a short and very cold set in april in front of 15 or so of our biggest fans. We were prepping for Giovanni’s a week later, and though you wouldn’t know it by the quality of the show, but we actually had a very good practice only hours before (that’s me rehearsing in Bryn’s garage/bedroom, above). I recorded the gig, creating the first full-show, all-four-of-us-there Mojo Wire live recording. Wishing Well Blues re-entered the set after a long layoff, Hallelujah and Fatal Flaws proved themselves as workhorses equal to Leather Boots, and Night Before once again collapsed into nothingness before we could finish it. Ah well. Actually, the best thing about that recording is hearing Jason’s hilarious Scottish accent impression (and Sean’s awful one!), as well as the crowd inflicting its mass peer pressure on Joe to keep drinking. Once his strings broke on the last song, he was finished for the night!