Set: Heart On A Platter – Water Into Wine – One Last Hallelujah – Fatal Flaws – The Night Before – Pisces Lullabye – You’re On Your Own – I Fly Free – Run From Me – Long Black Leather Boots – How Far Away – One Last Hallelujah (drunk mosh reprise)

The second out-front show was lots like the previous one- the power trio of Joe, Keir, and Bryn (with some moral support from Brian) played a short set, but this time it was all recorded. We were again limited in our set list because there are some that Adam flat-out sings better, but immortalized on tape are ourselves getting steadily more intoxicated and less able to play, as well as our first ever meathead mosh pit, during a reprised Hallelujah. I went beserk- I thought I saw Em being pushed and careening across the yard, so I contributed a few choise phrases and used my guitar neck to elbow the offending meat-head out of the way, all while crashing through the song. The show must go on indeed. The version of “You’re On Your Own” later ended up on the E.P. of the same title.