Set: Water Into Wine – One Last Hallelujah – You’re On Your Own – Pisces Lullabye – Fatal Flaws – Heart On A Platter – I Fly Free – The Shivering Sand – Margaritaville – Key West Tapwater – Your Mama’s A Ho – How Far Away – Long Black Leather Boots – The Night Before – Kid Icarus

The big Mojo Wire comeback show, on 12/15 no less, was at a home-thrown kegger and opened by Sean and Adam with a 30 second boxing match. Sean won instantly, and while Adam recovered, Joe, Keir, and Bryn played as a power trio and debuted several new songs, most of which had been put together during the past year’s recording. The power outages kept cursing “Heart On A Platter”, but when that ended Adam was back for a romp through the old Mojo back catalogue in a fairly comprehensive set. After the Mojo set everyone ended up on stage and drunken weirdness ensued. Thanks to all who came back for us.