Set: Key West Tapwater – How Far Away – I Fly Free – Baja Blues – Spitcan – Kid Icarus – 12:15 Blues – Your Mama’s A Ho – Nobody Knows You – Margarita – Margaritaville – Wonderful Tonight – The Shivering Sand – Long Black Leather Boots – Wishing Well Blues – Wound Down

Our second SigEp show was a bigger success mainly because everyone was too wasted to notice that we botched notes and Bryn’s cymbals kept falling down. Seaside was newly released; we played a double set of all the same songs and destroyed. Er, well, as much as a guitar-pop band can “destroy”, per se. Never mind. Not sure if it was better than the first time, but we had even more people in attendance (the whole big-ass frat courtyard was standing room only), and we were once again holding the alcohol hostage.