Set: Spitcan – Key West Tapwater – How Far Away – Baja Blues – I Fly Free – Kid Icarus – Wipeout – 12:15 Blues – Your Mama’s A Ho – Why Don’t We Get Drunk – Margarita – Wonderful Tonight – The Shivering Sand – Long Black Leather Boots – Wishing Well Blues – Wound Down

Our first frat party show, at SigEp (many thanks, Ryan). The biggest Mojo Wire audience ever were here and were in fact our captives, simply cause we were near the alcohol. There was a DJ inside, but if you wanted to get drunk, you had to come out and deal with our particular brand of noise. We were promised payment in beer, which resulted in all of the band rocking in fine form (which is the way it always sounds at the time, under such circumstances, right?) and played a familiar double-set that included no Sublime or Eagle-Eye Cherry songs. What is it with people making requests like that? I mean, Eagle-Eye-%&@$ing-Cherry? I know that we were mostly dealing with intellectually challenged, as well as inebriated, fraternity/sorority people, but still. Sublime requests are fine. We won’t play them, though!