Set: Spitcan – 1215 Blues – How Far Away – Key West Tapwater – Baja Blues – Kid Icarus – Margaritaville – Layla – Wishing Well Blues – Your Mama’s A Ho – Whatever Gets You Going – The Shivering Sand – Nobody Knows You – I Fly Free – Wound Down – Why Don’t We Get Drunk – Wonderful Tonight

The new Mojo Wire lineup is a hit, all strobe-lit and surrounded by transvestites at Biko House in I.V. The set didn’t change much (except for a few more covers and some Keir echo-bass), but Joe was great in his first show, and our host Jon, never failed to get lots of loud noise from the cross-dressed masses. For my part, I actually had fantastic makeup on too, but these things aren’t noticed much in strobe-lit rooms. Besides, the rest of the band wouldn’t follow my lead on this one, so I didn’t play the gig in a dress after all. I know you’re all disappointed to hear that.