Set: Spitcan – Wipeout – 1215 Blues – Long Black Leather Boots – Whitecap – Nobody Knows You – Miserlou – Wishing Well Blues – Your Mama’s A Ho – Margaritaville

The Mojo Wire belatedly rocks the mall at our alma mater, Dana Hills High. Kevin rejoined for this one, but he was the only one who actually attended DHHS at the time. Even though we’d begun working on Seaside, our set was confined to Kevin-era songs as they’d be the easiest to master in the least time. Still, a strong “Miserlou” and “Wipeout” made the bored and bratty punks pay attention, “Margaritaville” (and the blues songs) impressed the faculty, and “Your Mama’s a Ho” once again grossed everybody out. It was great fun, and I really want to get back to play there again- even if the kids were only relieved to have a band-any band- play, gigs in front of screaming teenagers are actually really cool.