Set: 12:15 Blues – Long Black Leather Boots – Wipeout – Nobody Knows You – Wonderful Tonight – Whitecap – FM Blues – Margarita – Margaritaville – Spitcan – Run From Me – Under The Sun – Kid Icarus – Your Mama’s A Ho – Wishing Well Blues

The first show at the now-defunct Ping Pong Pizzeria in Isla Vista. We got paid in pizza and beer from a guy named Claudio, and had a very good time. The only new song performance was “Run From Me”, but by this time Rocket Fuel was all done and gone to the presses. Battery Acid was for sale next door in Morninglory as well. It moved exactly 3 copies. Yep. Three. Julie took lots of photos, but the best ones were from the after-show party at Bedrock- stuff like Adam double-fisting, etc. Yow.