Set: 12:15 Blues – Wonderful Tonight – Long Black Leather Boots – Nobody Knows You – Whitecap – FM Blues – The Witching Hour – Wishing Well Blues – Margaritaville – Margarita – The Worst Way – Stray Cat Strut

This show at the Laguna Hills Holiday Inn was something of a washout, not because we played badly (we did alright) but because we were too loud (?!?). This was a corporate-sponsored show by the Follett Co. for a Christmas party. Apparently not enough kids (er, “young people”) showed up, and we were constantly admonished to turn it down. That didn’t stop the best part of the set; “FM Blues”, “Nobody Knows You”, and “Wonderful Tonight” got people out of their seats. We didn’t get paid, but then we never do. At least we didn’t sell out, right? Anyway, Brandon was the best drummer we ever played with, and this was our first big show with him behind the kit.