Set: 12:15 Blues – Wipeout – One – Wonderful Tonight – Unchained Melody – Long Black Leather Boots – Nobody Knows You – Whitecap – FM Blues – Can’t Keep Warm – Yer Blues

The newly-named Mojo Wire, with Adam, Bryn, Keir, and Kevin, plays as a wedding band. Kevin powered through “Wipeout” again, and new songs like “FM Blues” and “Long Black Leather Boots” surfaced in the set. We also mangled “Unchained Melody” pretty bad too (despite being surrounded by bubbles), but hey, my mom got us the gig- it was her wedding, and she said we did just fine, so there. Somewhere there exists a few minutes of video footage of us playing “Wipeout”, and some panning back and forth to the audience that were grooving along with it. Bryn played through two little Crate amps, but I’d already got my Peavy by then and was rocking the coi pond (our stage was actually some thick wood covering over said pond).