Set: 12:15 Blues – Your Mama’s A Ho – Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out – Wipeout – FM Blues – Whitecap – Long Black Leather Boots – Can’t Keep Warm – Miserlou

Our first two shows in December ’96 were cold. We were then still under our old name of “The Clap”; also, we lacked the frontmanly prescence of Adam. Instead, Bryn, Keir, and Kevin were aided by Jason Ross, and we all froze on the deck of a boat in Newport Harbor playing “Wipeout” many times over for giddy Westwind rugrats. I don’t think we played anything that has survived as a Mojo Wire tune except for “12:15” and the deathless “Your Mama’s a Ho”. We refused to be drowned out by a passing yacht with a real band on it.